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at it’s core it’s basic.  

A device.

It’s black and white.

It’s the work.

It’s a tool, not to a new self, but to who you truly are.

It’s the blank page.

You write the story.

You are the breath &  body.

You are the light.

You are the love.

Be basic here.

Be fierce here.

Be yourself here.

We’re here for you.

And we can’t wait to meet you.

Practice and all is coming.


Fabulous teachers and classes for all levels. Welcoming non-judgmental atmosphere. Teachers are knowledgeable, and there is something to learn from each one.Teachers are good at modifying for beginners to the more challenging. Great Vibes!!

Lori G.

I’m new to Yoga. I found the ‘Be Basic’ beginner’s class very beneficial. The staff and studio are very welcoming.

Carmen B.

Love this place! Instructors are great and in tune with each participant! Impressed with how they have been able to accommodate all skill levels during any class.

Kimberly F.

Great yoga studio with knowledgeable, friendly instructors. Many class options to suit different abilities and schedules. Some classes have babysitting, too.

Donna B.


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