Restorative + Reiki

In this special class students will experience a deep and powerful releasing practice of restorative yoga, meditation, and Reiki.
Restorative yoga helps to relieve the effects of stress by allowing the central nervous system to rest while the physical body is fully supported with the use of props (bolsters, blankets, blocks etc), thus promoting deep relaxation and a sense of calm that will renew mind, body, and spirit. Students will hold restorative yoga postures for up to 5-8 minutes each encouraging a release of deep-rooted muscular tension, stress, and tightness.

While being gently guided and supported from one posture to the next, students will also be offered healing Reiki energy. Reiki is the universal life force energy that flows through all living things. It encourages a state of balance and harmony, allowing access to one’s own innate healing energies. Like restorative yoga, Reiki works on all levels of physical, emotional and spiritual elements, to help reduce stress, anxiety and other ailments.

Open to students of all levels, no yoga experience necessary. Wear comfy clothes. The studio does have props, but please bring any blankets or pillows you may wish to use to personalize your individual practice.

Sunday, April 28, 5:00-7:00 PM

Special Rate:

$35 Day Of/$30 Early Birds