Ashtanga Clinics- Posture Workshops

Become aquatinted with the traditional lineage of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series which means “Yoga Chikitsa” or “Yoga Therapy.
Learn how to start your yoga practice or deepen your knowledge of the entire yoga primary sequence.
To begin or develop a regular yoga practice we need just that, a regular yoga practice .
During Ashtanga Practice Clinic Series, get familiar with the “why” we do postures in a consistent regular sequence and the “how” of understanding your own anatomy. You will learn tangible ways to access your strength, increase your flexibility and surrender to your breath-work.
A space is held for each student who wishes to deepen their studies and practice regularly with individual guidance and instruction.
This series is open to all students that have experienced some level of yoga.
We will discuss our functional anatomy, find flow in the warm ups of Sun A/B , breakdown postures of all standing, seated,back-bends,inversions. We will also focus on breath work and vinyasa counting, transitions, practice exercises and drills, accommodate postures with specific modifications and grow our understanding of the Ashtanga Primary Series.
Please note- this method and set sequence may provoke a deep level of transformation for your mind, your physical body, and your spirit. With a regular Yoga practice anything is possible and all is coming!

Last Sunday every month 1:30-3:00 PM

$30 Drop In

$150 6-Class Pack/$25 Per Class