Power Flow & Fusion

Power Flow & Power Flow 75

This class is perfect if your intention is to build strength, endurance and zen through movement. Classic power flow class with energetic, creative standing sequences moving quickly with one breath/one movement. In this class you can expect many versions of forward-bending,back-bends, balancing, inversions (head below heart), and twists. You will be challenged- check your ego at the door 😉

Power Flow 75 is the 75 minute sister to Power Flow. What  do you get for your extra 15 minutes? A wonderful extended yin (stretching) and extended savasana!

This class is heated.


Yoga FUSION is a yoga-centric interval training class.  It combines yoga + weights + cardio bursts + pilates for a full head-clearing, space-making, awesome workout! Achieve your zen with weights and movement! This class is heated. 75 minute classes are labeled.

Great class!

Kathryn from MBO

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