HOT 26 + 2!

You like it HOT? We do!

Join Victoria for Hot 26 + 2! This Bikram-style practice benefits all types of yoga practitioners and athletes!
26 +2 helps increase overall health & vitality by encouraging good circulation to internal organs, joints, and ligaments, thus supporting the immune system and increasing metabolism. 26 + 2 supports endurance, strength, & stamina. This sequence is meant for all levels of practitioners.
This is a sweaty hot practice, dress accordingly. Make sure you are hydrated before class and bring water or a water bottle with you. Also, avoid caffeine before this class.

This practice is a fantastic compliment to any sport or type of yoga practice!

Promotes excellent balance & flexibility
Improves mind-body connection
Promotes weight management
Promotes healthy internal organs
Strengthens the immune system
Improves control over nerves
Promotes all around happiness
Works every single muscle
Heals ankle tendons
Reduces stress
Promotes mental and emotional well being
Promotes good sleep
Increases energy
Cardio, strength, flexibility workout in one

Investment $30 early bird/ $35 day of