Should I bring anything?
• Bring your yoga mat. That is all. Although if you don’t have one we can let you borrow one of ours. Any mat is fine as long as it is still in good condition and not crumbling! We do not recommend thicker, foam-y mats (the kind used in gyms; they tend to slide and make it very difficult to balance on!)
• We have water but suggest you bring your own bottle to fill to cut down on waste.
• There will be towels available for use or you can always bring your own special towel!

What should I wear?
Wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in and allows you the most movement. If you are going to a heated class make sure your clothes can take the heat. Loose fitting/blousey shirts make down-dog uncomfortable! Please NO shoes in the yoga room and you will find your best practice in bare feet!

Where should I begin if I am new?
If you are entirely new to the physical postures of yoga, maybe you haven’t had any extended or difficult physical exercise in a while or you have physical limitations or an injury we suggest you start with our beginner’s classes. The Be Basic class is a workshop-style class for beginners or for people with injuries or special conditions. You will learn some basic alignment and modifications as we move slowly through postures, breaking them down and giving you opportunities to ask questions as you move.
If you are a little past the beginner stage, in decent shape but not ready to jump into the more advanced/flow style classes then try Gentle Yoga, Begin Vin or Ashtanga. Gentle yoga combines a slower, more grounded practice, which is manageable for students of any size, age or level of fitness. This practice is a calming, moving meditation that helps foster an awareness of the physical body as it moves through a sequence of postures. Gentle yoga offers a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice. Begin Vin is an introduction to Vinyasa classic flow class that includes intense, creative standing sequences moving quickly with one breath/one movement. In this class you can expect many versions of forward-bending, back-bends, balancing, inversions, and twists, breath and movement. This class will be “warm enough” but not HOT. Ashtanga is intense but basic at the same time. This classic practice combines deep, audible “ujjayi pranayama” or “yoga breath”, bandhas (internal energy locks) and drishti (visual focal points) in specific sequences of asanas. This is the foundation of our flow-y style vinyasa practice broken down to it foundation. This is a purifying and meditative practice. If you want to take your practice to the next level, or just get familiar with the roots of yoga, this is the class. This class can be appropriate for beginners in reasonably decent shape. Warm room, not “hot”.
If you are looking for something totally chill with the least exertion and most benefit try our yin/restorative classes.

Feel free to email or call us with any other questions you may have!

What does it cost?
All of our pricing information can be found here.

PLEASE! No gum chewing or mobile phones in the practice room! Spit the gum in the garbage, tuck your phone safely in your bag outside the room, and take an hour or 75 minutes for yourself!

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